*UPDATED* What’s in the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s latest tax returns?

990 tax form showing Ellen Vos making a total of $853,207.
Tax statement saying “Part I, Line 4A: Ellen Vos, outgoing president & CEO received $350,000 severance payment in 2020.
990 form showing ‘Grants and similar amounts paid” as $15,019,770 and “Salaries, compensation, employee benefits” as $31,271,925.
PPP loan information showing MDA was given $8,726,730 in May 2020.
PPP loan information showing $2 million was given to MDA in February 2021.
Tax form showing MDA’s net assets as -$23,709,661.




Writer, meteorologist, disability rights advocate.

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Despina Karras

Despina Karras

Writer, meteorologist, disability rights advocate.

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